The Single collection

Open, the lines free themselves and adapt to your desires. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is set in stone. Everything is possible. The Single collection invites you with the writing of the story that will be expressed at tip of your finger.

Invitation to compose, it offers you simple or adorned rings. With Tahitian stones or pearls, explore your desires.

From sapphires to diamonds or rubies, the combinations are infinite.

As a ring or Single earrings, the ring takes on many forms.

It’s up to you to assemble them, according to your follies to tell all the facets of your personality.

Single Rings

What if it wasn’t so easy to choose…

The color of the gold, that of the stones, the uniqueness of a single ring or its combination with other Singles… It’s up to you to decide everything: you are the creator involved in the creation of your ring.

Designed to reflect you, it is a palette of possibilities, just waiting for the expression of your wish to come true.

pile bague single U couleur - diamondholic paris - créateur bijoux
bague single

Single Best Friend Rings

An infinite variation of the Single ring, the Best Friend takes your participation in the creation of a unique piece of jewelery even further, a memory of your story.

Here, you can invent a whole alphabet: by reusing a family stone or pearl that you wish to reinvest and sublimate, by choosing original ornaments from among those offered by Diamondholic.

You are entirely free to associate, imagine, innovate, because the Diamondholic ring is at the service of the stone to which it will wonderfully and humbly adapt.

Mono Single Earring

Available in two sizes, Medium and Mini, the Single mono earring is an extension of the collection’s signature ring.

Lightweight, comfortable, it expresses a modern and resolutely contemporary look.

Like the ring, the Single mono earring offers you the choice of gold, stone, and whether to wear one or two identical or dissociated earrings.

It is up to you to decide whether to wear the mono earring associated with a twin or with any other piece of your universe, depending on the effect you want to create. Free, it adapts to everything. Creative, it still holds other surprises to be discovered.

collection single - diamondholic Paris - Joaillerie
Barcelet single portee - diamondholic bijou Paris

Single Bracelet

The Single Bracelet follows the curve of the wrist and offers a feeling of clean lines, a sense of lightness and elegant sobriety.

Also available in different gold colors, with the choice of stones adorning it ends, it invites you to compose and make your Diamondholic experience unique.

Simple and obvious, it wears like a second skin.

Sober but striking, it is enough on its own and can be worn alone, while when associated with others, it blends just as perfectly and then tells other stories…

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