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Our meeting

Diamondholic is the association of two talents, of two universes made to reveal their complicity and complementarity. Sharing common values such as the nobility of know-how or the ethics of traceable and certified stones, the duo creates with four hands in their Parisian workshop.

While Valérie Reinert signs a strikingly elegant essentialist style, Pascal Béliard expresses the power of audacity. Their collaboration is akin to the fusion of seemingly opposing aesthetics but in reality, adjusted and harmonious. Both work with passion to express the magic of emotions and the intensity of beauty.

Individually recognized in their respective networks, each enriched by a dazzling first professional life, their meeting constitutes a new era, which they together draw and give the strength of coherence. In a Diamondholic jewel, nothing is left to chance.

Valérie Reinert et Pascal Béliard
bague single U 3 or JBB pavee - diamondholic paris - createur bijoutier
collection single - diamondholic Paris - Joaillerie


Striking, dazzling, the Diamondholic creations provoke a disturbance of the heart and a consent of reason. It is obvious, a meeting.

Bespoke, free, they translate the personality, the desires of those who have been seduced and will be sublimated.

Convinced that a jeweler is an alchemist, an artist of taste and allure, Valérie Reinert and Pascal Béliard thus transform the magic of an emotion into an unprecedented and unique jewel. The precious material yields and does not resist their inspired desires. They defy the rigidity of metals and the laws of gravity to free movement: in their hands, gold seems supple and stones airy.

Bague amethyste diamondholic

The workshop

The nobility of Diamondholic creations lies in the quality of their realization: they are designed and manufactured in our Parisian workshops (9th and 17th arrondissements).

Trained in a renowned school, Valérie Reinert and Pascal Béliard master and guarantee the entirety of creation process. Proud of an ancestral artisanal know-how highly technical expertise, they themselves create each of their pieces.

Attentive to the integrity of their suppliers, to the quality and traceability of their stones, to the origin of their gold, Diamondholic creations are the guarantee of ethical and responsible jewelery.

Atelier diamondholic - joaillerie


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