The Aquatic Bestiary collection

When jewelry transcends universes and explores the animal kingdom, the plant world…

This collection celebrates life in all its brilliance and power. By boosted volumes, generous curves, rich, colorful pavings, the pieces of the bestiary offer a unique experience. Both strikingly realistic and imbued with a vibrant surrealism, these creations captivate.


Confident in their effect, the Aquatic Bestiary rings capture your finger and the gaze that falls on it.

Proudly singular, these creations assert their identity.

Proof that art allows itself all challenges, they enhance the natural brilliance of gold through the work of volumes and the illusions of movement.

The settings dazzle, sublime by the quality of the stones and the natural harmony they ingeniously create.

collection bestiaire aquatique - bague


Art reconciles opposites, effects deceive, magic operates.

Finesse does not preclude strength. Verticality does not prohibit intensity.

These earrings fascinate with the combination of a sleek profile and high complexity. They defy the laws of the mind and of gravity.

Their finesse becomes a source of flexibility; they are mobile down to their extremities. The dazzling effect is thus prolonged, while in secret, the wearer produces a delicate sensation of caress. Quite a promise…

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